About Us

Valderrodas is a small hamlet situated in the mountains of Galicia where we are developing a reforestation and environmental education project.
The land surrounding the hamlet was mostly eucalyptus forest or grazing land. We are gradually removing the eucalyptus and allowing the indigenous woodland to regenerate by protecting the land from grazing farm animals and eucalyptus seedlings.
We manage an education project which allows people to explore and learn about indigenous forests: the abundance of life they support; their importance to the soil, climate and water cycles; and the ability of people to live sustainably within them.

Those of us who run the project live in the hamlet in as eco-friendly way as we are able, gradually reducing our dependence on food and materials brought from outside, using as little land as possible for our needs and not polluting our air, water or soil.

The houses and land are owned collectively by a non-profit making asociación. Every person living here pays a small rent to cover the running costs and each person contributes as much time as they are able to the management of the project.

If you are interested in volunteering, visiting or joining the project or running courses here, you can email us on valderrodas@gmail.com

(but please don’t bring your dog)